Composer and guitarist resident in Buenos Aires. He graduated with a degree in composition at the UNA (National University of Art) in Buenos Aires with Guillermo Pozzati. He studied electroacustic music with Ricardo Mandolini and Jorge Sad Levi.

Participated in masterclasses with Mario Mary, Adam Stanovic, Joao Pedro Oliveira and Hans Tutchsku.

He has completed the “Atelier Interpretation of Electroacoustic Music” at IRCAM during the Manifeste 2018 festival.

2nd prize in the Metamorphoses Biennial Composition Contest of Musiques & Recherches 2018, Belgium.
5th prize in the composition contest SIME 2018, Lille, France.
Finalist in Musica Nova 2018 Composition Contest – Czech Republic.
1st prize of the National Arts Fund 2010, in Argentina.
Special Mention en the “Concurso Iberoamericano de Composición Musical 2008/2009 Cuarta Edición del Ensamble Rosario”

His pieces have been programmed in XXV° Festival Acousmatique International “l’Espace du son” 2018, Brussels; SIME 2018, France; Ai-Maako 2018, Chile; Sound-Image Colloquium 2018, Greenwich, UK; BFE/RMA Conference 2019, University of Sheffield, UK; Mixtur Festival 2019, Spain;Transversal Sonora 2018, Colombia; CICTEM 2018 and FAUNA 2017 in Buenos Aires.

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